• Old Style Hand Made Marbles


    Vintage style marbles made using an over 100 year old German marble tool, onionskins, ribbons, lutz, latticino's, slags, and many others made the old way and finished with a ground pontil and may contain possible as made tool marks just like the old ones, the images are just samples of what are sold, size varies around 7/8" +- . sold in small assorted groups of 5 only, specify your favorite vintage style and we will make sure at least one is included in the group of 5.

    Whole cane sets can be purchased, typically 3-5 marbles per cane, please email for availability, we will send images of what is available.

    Custom sets can be ordered and contain 5 same cane marbles in assorted size about 3/4" to 1" +-, price is $75 per set.